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Urs Bellermann,
Freelance Digital Concept Writer in Berlin

Freelancer available for UX Design and Information Architecture projects

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Services und deliverables 

  • Strategic concepts and ideation
  • Preliminary concept: treatments, wireframes, slides
  • Ideas workshop preparation and moderation
  • Concept documentation and production lead through

What I am interested in

  • Complex institutional information portals
  • Political online communication
  • Corporate websites and editorial platforms
  • Digital services / products 
  • Campaigns with personalised interaction / participation

Professional teamwork

  • Clear and reliable communication 
  • Following project goals, first ideas to launch
  • Direct exchange with strategists, developers and designers
  • Regardful tone, in rough weather, too
  • Thorough documentation


Born in Berlin. Strayed to Italy, Australia and California. Always came back. First internet adventures in 1995. Instantly blown away. Left high school with ok grades in 1998. All kinds of jobs. University. Followed by 5 years as a Digital Concept Writer in top agencies. Now taking on freelance work, one project at a time.


  • MA Cultural Theory & Communication Research
  • Design Thinking,
  • Copywriting, AFA AdSchool Sydney
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